The obsession started when I was 12 years old in Winslow, Arizona. My mom and I lived in a motel called the Winslow Inn and I was a little excited because it had cable TV. That was something we hadn't had in years. I usually watched the Disney Channel, but I soon got bored with that and started channel surfing. I happened upon TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and was soon hooked. They had a marathon of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland movies for an evening and I was smitten.
After that I couldn't stop thinking about Judy Garland and classic film. I went to the library and checked out any book that had her name in it. I would look in the indexes of biographies of other classic stars just to find her name and learn more about her. Expanding my knowledge of her amazing, but short life introduced me to many other classic actors and directors. I was in love with classic cinema and still am. I became a classic movie buff at the young age of 13 and could recall dates of birth, years movies were made and who made them, the fashion and culture, famous families, and just about anything about the silver screen. After I finally learned all I could about Judy Garland and seeing all her films I resorted to Ingrid Bergman. I fell in love again. Oh, and don't forget Cary Grant and Gary Cooper. OMG, if I was only born back then. I kid myself.
At 17 on a Sunday in 2004 I was watching 60 minutes and there was a segment about "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World". I was interested. Who could this woman be? Her name was Aishwarya Rai, a bollywood actress from India. 
 I found something in common with her and loved how honest and a bit shy she was. After I watched that show I went online and did some research. I've always loved cultural music and asian things, so I became obsessed again. She became my role model instantly and still is to this day. I became a member of netflix and queued up all her movies that I could find. Now, I would love to take bollywood dance and figure out how they dance so well. Ha, here I go laughing at myself again.

Anyway, I just have to say that I'm glad my mom introduced me to film when I was little and helped me to appreciate the arts. Art has been a part of my life since I could pick up a pencil. Hopefully, those who read my blog will appreciate cinema, fashion, art and anything that helps them feel satisfied with life.

As I said, it all started with a black and white movie on TCM!


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