31 August 2011

14 years gone...Always and forever remembered

Her flame is still going on and will never go out. Princess Diana is an inspiration for all women. Put the royalty aside and she was just like you and me. Lady Diana if you were here I would hug you and tell you are wonderful.


30 August 2011

Happy Birthday (belated) to Michael Jackson!

You can't forget the voice of Michael Jackson.  Either it be when he was in the Jackson 5 or to present day, you just can't forget him.  At least I can't.  Happy Birthday to the "King of Pop".  May you keep singing and spinning forever!

Check out Cirque du Soleil for showtimes of their upcoming Immortal tour in 2012!



 I can't believe I forgot about it being Ingrid Bergman's birthday yesterday! She is an iconic actress and controversy survivor. Born in Sweden, she loved to act and soon came state side with her husband in the 30's. A veteren of Swedish film she was cast by MGM and soon Warner Brothers. Her eyes and voice are unforgettable. May she live on in the silver screen and in our hearts. Happy Birthday, Ing!


27 August 2011


Check out my nephew's album releases!  He's an up and coming independent rapper from California.  It's a nice mix and truly enjoyable.  Enjoy!

24 August 2011

Asian iCandy

Dresses are my fetish and I can't get enough of them.  Asian iCandy is full of great designs and vintage looks.  

Asian orchid embroidery bubble dress $72.00 by RIP

Check them out at www.asianicandystore.com!!

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