04 October 2011


I have always been a fan of singer/ songwriters, acapella show stoppers, and the ladies' with great big voices (forget a microphone to project) and this little lady is definitely on my list of true song from the heart and voice from the soul singers.   

Anna Graceman is 11 years old and has a voice beyond her years and accompanies herself on the piano.  Her vocal range is extraordinary and beyond compare of anyone I have heard in this modern day and age. 

I first became aware of her amazing talent when I watched the America's Got Talent season this year.  I voted for her all the way until the Top 10 when Landau Eugene Murphy beat her to the Top 4. 

She is already accomplished in songwriting, has her own youtube channel, and her music is even available on iTunes.  I know she will become a great success and reach America through her voice. 

All I have to say is that I support this little girls dream of becoming famous!
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