26 July 2011

Red Velvet Boutique and Cupcakes

If you are ever in Springfield, MO you have got to check out this amazing vintage shop on East Commercial street.  I love Springfield and am delighted to tell you about this cute place.  If you like classics or the style of the old days then this is a place for you.  Dresses, shoes, jewelry, hats, handbags and cupcakes is what you will discover when you enter their doors!  Yes, that's right cupcakes!
Created in 2002, these ladies have really put together their heads and come up with such snazzy ideas.  This year they launched their new site with their new lines of dresses.  Go to Shop Red Velvet to find out more.  Oh, and did I say they have cupcakes?  Oh, yeah I did.  :) I love cupcakes....and dresses.

22 July 2011

Happy Birthday Alexander Calder!

Sculptor and artist, he would be 113 years old today. Known for his mobile sculptures he was one of the first of his generation. Celebrate his work today. Visit the Calder Foundation website today to learn more about him!

21 July 2011

Mark Hicks

This is my amazing brother-in-law!  I'm such a fan and great supporter of his work.  Go see Fast Five and you'll see him in it!  Woot!

19 July 2011

Sherwood Schwartz

Gone is a TV icon, Mr. Sherwood Schwartz.  He passed away on July 12 in California at 94.  What an amazing life he led and the memories his work has embedded in our lives.  May we all remember "The Brady Bunch" and "Gilligan's Island".  He will never be forgotten.

01 July 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone has a spectacular and safe Fourth of July!
Take a moment to remember why we are free and should fight to stay free.
I thank the Lord everyday for the breath I breathe and for being born in this amazing country called
Make memories that will last forever.  Sirida!
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