25 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! May you be filled with happiness and surrounded by love. Happy Holidays!

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16 November 2011

It's a girl for Aishwarya!

Longines Prix de Diane Chantilly, France 2011
Congratulations to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan on the arrival of their first baby girl!  First news came from Abhishek's dad, Amitabh, when he tweeted that "It's a girl!" earlier today!  He is so proud.  He wrote all about his adulation of his third grandchild in such poetic prose on his ever so popular blog.
Abu Sandeep Celebration Nov. 2011

I am especially happy for the famous Bollywood couple.  This has been long awaited ever since their marriage in April 2007.  All Bollywood fans and us US fans are all excited to find out what the name of the new princess of Aishwarya will be. 
Vogue Photoshoot July 2010

Happy parenting Aishwarya and Abhishek!


(my favorite website for everything Aishwarya!)

09 November 2011

91 and still entertaining!

Mr. Mickey Rooney that is.  He's still going strong at age 91.  A veteren actor of the golden age in Hollywood, Mickey has got it all in the bag.  Starring with many popular stars such as Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, and even Ben Stiller to name a few.  Married eight times, but now 33 years still going strong with his eighth wife (he says that too bad he didn't find her first), Jan Chamberlin.  She is a singer and dancer and has travelled with him performing across America.  He has been in hundreds of movies, starred on TV and off broadway.  Best friends with the late Judy Garland, he says, "we were just like brother and sister".  He grieved very hard when she passed in 1969 and had lost a true friend.  I became acquainted with his work when I first saw him star with Judy in Babes and Arms.  Since then, I have tried to keep track of his work.  I even wrote him a letter when he was playing at "The Americana" in Branson, Missouri.  I don't know if he ever got it, but that's okay he's still an awesome and talented guy that's still kickin'.

03 November 2011

Meet Leila Lopes

Photo source
The 2011 Miss Universe was crowned on the 12th of September in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  As some of you might know I am a pageant lover and have even participated in some myself, so this is always a special treat to watch on TV. Miss Leila Lopes is from Benguela, Angola.  She is only the 4th African woman to win the prestigious title and at 25 she is an advocate for the fight against HIV.  She is the first Angolan woman to win Miss Universe and oh, how proud her country must be. 

She is an inspiration and I hope to follow here on her most amazing journey!  Congratulations Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011!

01 November 2011

The Help

Have you read the book?  Have you seen the movie?  Or have you just heard someone talking about it?  Well, you've gotta take some time and read the book.  It made me laugh, cry, and wanna get up and shout (I actually did when I saw the movie.  It deserved lots of applause.).  I just had to find out who wrote the book and come to find out it wasn't written by a black woman, but a white lady raised by black maids in the south.  Her name is Kathryn Stockett.  Telling the story of how black maids really feel about their jobs is not something I had even really thought about.  Told by Minnie, Abilene, and Skeeter this story warmed my heart.  The movie was just as well acted as the words were on the page.  When the DVD comes out be sure to rent it, buy it, stream it or etc.

Love, Shel

04 October 2011


I have always been a fan of singer/ songwriters, acapella show stoppers, and the ladies' with great big voices (forget a microphone to project) and this little lady is definitely on my list of true song from the heart and voice from the soul singers.   

Anna Graceman is 11 years old and has a voice beyond her years and accompanies herself on the piano.  Her vocal range is extraordinary and beyond compare of anyone I have heard in this modern day and age. 

I first became aware of her amazing talent when I watched the America's Got Talent season this year.  I voted for her all the way until the Top 10 when Landau Eugene Murphy beat her to the Top 4. 

She is already accomplished in songwriting, has her own youtube channel, and her music is even available on iTunes.  I know she will become a great success and reach America through her voice. 

All I have to say is that I support this little girls dream of becoming famous!

30 September 2011

America's Got Talent Winner is LANDAU!!

(a little late)

He is my absolute favorite and I'm proud to have voted for him.  His voice embodies the likenesses of all the classic great croonersI'm glad America is bringing back the golden era in a modern style.  Take a look at Landau's final performance!

11 September 2011

Fingerprints never fade from the lives you touch. May we never forget what today, 9-11-11, represents. 10 years. #worldtradecenter

31 August 2011

14 years gone...Always and forever remembered

Her flame is still going on and will never go out. Princess Diana is an inspiration for all women. Put the royalty aside and she was just like you and me. Lady Diana if you were here I would hug you and tell you are wonderful.


30 August 2011

Happy Birthday (belated) to Michael Jackson!

You can't forget the voice of Michael Jackson.  Either it be when he was in the Jackson 5 or to present day, you just can't forget him.  At least I can't.  Happy Birthday to the "King of Pop".  May you keep singing and spinning forever!

Check out Cirque du Soleil for showtimes of their upcoming Immortal tour in 2012!



 I can't believe I forgot about it being Ingrid Bergman's birthday yesterday! She is an iconic actress and controversy survivor. Born in Sweden, she loved to act and soon came state side with her husband in the 30's. A veteren of Swedish film she was cast by MGM and soon Warner Brothers. Her eyes and voice are unforgettable. May she live on in the silver screen and in our hearts. Happy Birthday, Ing!


27 August 2011


Check out my nephew's album releases!  He's an up and coming independent rapper from California.  It's a nice mix and truly enjoyable.  Enjoy!

24 August 2011

Asian iCandy

Dresses are my fetish and I can't get enough of them.  Asian iCandy is full of great designs and vintage looks.  

Asian orchid embroidery bubble dress $72.00 by RIP

Check them out at www.asianicandystore.com!!

26 July 2011

Red Velvet Boutique and Cupcakes

If you are ever in Springfield, MO you have got to check out this amazing vintage shop on East Commercial street.  I love Springfield and am delighted to tell you about this cute place.  If you like classics or the style of the old days then this is a place for you.  Dresses, shoes, jewelry, hats, handbags and cupcakes is what you will discover when you enter their doors!  Yes, that's right cupcakes!
Created in 2002, these ladies have really put together their heads and come up with such snazzy ideas.  This year they launched their new site with their new lines of dresses.  Go to Shop Red Velvet to find out more.  Oh, and did I say they have cupcakes?  Oh, yeah I did.  :) I love cupcakes....and dresses.

22 July 2011

Happy Birthday Alexander Calder!

Sculptor and artist, he would be 113 years old today. Known for his mobile sculptures he was one of the first of his generation. Celebrate his work today. Visit the Calder Foundation website today to learn more about him!

21 July 2011

Mark Hicks

This is my amazing brother-in-law!  I'm such a fan and great supporter of his work.  Go see Fast Five and you'll see him in it!  Woot!

19 July 2011

Sherwood Schwartz

Gone is a TV icon, Mr. Sherwood Schwartz.  He passed away on July 12 in California at 94.  What an amazing life he led and the memories his work has embedded in our lives.  May we all remember "The Brady Bunch" and "Gilligan's Island".  He will never be forgotten.

01 July 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone has a spectacular and safe Fourth of July!
Take a moment to remember why we are free and should fight to stay free.
I thank the Lord everyday for the breath I breathe and for being born in this amazing country called
Make memories that will last forever.  Sirida!

15 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse

The moon is very bright and gold tonight. I don't think we can see the lunar eclipse though.

14 June 2011


Honor our flag and our military. God bless America!

Flag Day

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

13 June 2011

Diana: A Celebration

The Diana exhibit from the Althorp estate in England was in Kansas City at the Union Station through June 12, 2011.  I just have to say that I am glad I got to experience it and witness everything with my eyes up close.  To see the photos, home movies, letters, jewelry and dresses(including the immaculate wedding dress) was simply breathtaking.  My Mom was with me and we were both satisfied and happy to see that although this woman had a short life it was lived to the fullest not just because of her status, but because of who she was as a person.  Go to the Diana Exhibition site to look at the items that were on display.  I took a few pictures outside the station and in the gift shop.  Enjoy and if you ever go to London you have got to see the exhibit there!

10 June 2011

Classics cruise

Here's some information on the new TCM Cruise.    This is a cruise for classic film lovers and enthusiasts.  I have signed up for the pre-sale.  Check it out!!


Happy Birthday, Judy Garland! This amazing woman had a powerhouse voice and didn't really need a microphone to project it. She was an emotional, real actress. May her songs, films, and story live on throughout history and in the hearts of classic and one of a kind essential movie lovers like me. Go to http://www.jgdb.com/ and http://www.thejudyroom.com/ to learn more about Judy Garland. Sirida!!

09 June 2011

Happy Birthday to Les Paul!  In loving memory of him Google has made a playable guitar doodle.  Totally ingenious!!

Hear my bit of guitar playing!

My dog has fleas!

31 May 2011


Would you believe me if I said a panda could kick your booty?  Go see Kung Fu Panda 2 and find out for yourself!

Po wants to find out who he really is and where he comes from. He runs into, along with the Furious Five, a very angry peacock who want rid of all pandas.  Po has to find his inner peace to defeat the peacock and to learn the true story of his family.

This film was wonderfully told and voiced.  It is wholesome, funny, and heart-tugging.  The 3D effects were amazing and makes you want to dodge every sword and taste the falling snow.  Everyone at any age should see it!

24 May 2011

Joplin, Missouri, United States



TO DONATE FOR THE RELIEF FUND GO TO http://www.redcross-ozarks.org/.



Morning calls

11 May 2011

Happy Birthday to Martha Graham!

Today is the birthday of Martha Graham and she would be 97.  She revolutionized dance worldwide.  Contemporary dance is definitely one of a kind and Martha Graham created it.  If you love dance or this art form, click on her her name to learn more or go to Google to see the animation that celebrates her dancing.

10 May 2011

Buy American!!

I've been listening to Laura Ingraham every morning since July 2010.  I had heard her many times previous when my mom tuned in.  Anyway, to get on with my subject; I heard today about a woman named Tina Polito who started a year long journey to buy everything made in the USA.  Check out her website China ate my jeans

09 May 2011

Once forgotten...suddenly remembered!

Wow!  Six years have passed since my last post.  To be completely honest I forgot that I even had a blog.  It looks like I started it, but never kept up.  I do know why it was forgotten, but that was so long ago.  Well, here I am ready to fill up these pages with a lot of nonsense.  My life is quite boring and uneventful and this just might help bring a little joy to it.  I will try to post often and write a little about everything.  So I will stop here and get my head together.  Tata!
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