09 November 2011

91 and still entertaining!

Mr. Mickey Rooney that is.  He's still going strong at age 91.  A veteren actor of the golden age in Hollywood, Mickey has got it all in the bag.  Starring with many popular stars such as Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, and even Ben Stiller to name a few.  Married eight times, but now 33 years still going strong with his eighth wife (he says that too bad he didn't find her first), Jan Chamberlin.  She is a singer and dancer and has travelled with him performing across America.  He has been in hundreds of movies, starred on TV and off broadway.  Best friends with the late Judy Garland, he says, "we were just like brother and sister".  He grieved very hard when she passed in 1969 and had lost a true friend.  I became acquainted with his work when I first saw him star with Judy in Babes and Arms.  Since then, I have tried to keep track of his work.  I even wrote him a letter when he was playing at "The Americana" in Branson, Missouri.  I don't know if he ever got it, but that's okay he's still an awesome and talented guy that's still kickin'.

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